Satan is always working hard

Satan is always working hard to pull you away from the straight path. So you must be on guard against him. Never allow yourself to be trapped by Satan and his troops. They’ll make you feel hopeless. Remain steadfast in repentance and be assured of divine mercy and forgiveness.

if you think you’re the only one serving

If you think you're the only one serving the Almighty or doing good, think again. Your effort may be significant but it’s not the only method of good. Millions are doing good work. Don't belittle their efforts. Don't abuse them. Support them. The Almighty uses whoever He wishes.

The Almighty’s Plan for us doesn’t have mystery

The Almighty’s Plan for us doesn’t have to be a mystery. If we trust Him, do what He asks, His Plan will unfold in our lives like a brightly lit path. If you are trying to follow His Guidance, but you find yourself confronted with obstacles and hardship, don’t despair. He knows!

make a commitment that you’ll henceforth

Make a commitment that you’ll henceforth spend a lot of time working on your shortcomings & your link with the Almighty, leaving no time to judge & criticize others. You’ll channel your energy towards becoming a better version of yourself & strive towards positivity & goodness!

in this age of social media

In this age of social media, it’s almost second nature for some to do good deeds and then show off to the world what they’ve done. Don’t! Try to keep some deeds secret; only between you and the Almighty. No matter how small it is, to Him it could weigh heavily on your scales!