I miss you all the time

Good Time Bad Time Day Time Work Time Off Time Night Time Happy Time Sad Time Sleep Time In the Mean Time I Miss U All The Time


ARE YOU READY FOR THE RAMADAN ? Ramadan is less than twenty (20) Days now. We pray Allah make us all witness the Glorious month and beyond in good health and sound faith. I am reminding you through a nice poster from Smile Dawwah Concept , some of the interesting experiences we use to enjoy … Continue reading ARE YOU READY FOR THE RAMADAN ?

10 interested Attitude Quotes

Smile increases value of face..Anger spoils the beauty of soul..Faith is the force of life... but Confidence is the companion of success! You're so fake that you should have two facebook accounts; one for each face! A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you. There is … Continue reading 10 interested Attitude Quotes

sensual passions

Sensual passions are your first enemy.Your second is called Discontent.Your third is Hunger & Thirst.Your fourth is called Craving.Fifth is Sloth & Drowsiness.Sixth is called Terror.Your seventh is Uncertainty.Hypocrisy & Stubbornness, your eighth.Gains, Offerings, Fame & Status wrongly gained,and whoever would praise self& disparage others.That, Namuci, is your enemy,the Dark One's commando force.A coward can't … Continue reading sensual passions